The humble baby gate will be part of your life for many years… much longer than most baby items. It is not an item you will want to cut corners with, especially if it protects a high traffic area. I built this example over 2 years ago and it has stood up to daily use. If I recall, this was my 2nd project using my Flux Core welder (after fixing the frame of an expensive lawnmower that justified the purchase). The wood slats were selected to save money on steel, but also made the gate toddler-proof for a 2.5 year old who has scaled everything in the house. She just can’t grip them. The gate locks or unlocks in a split second by an adult, something that the plastic examples I’ve seen cannot do well.

The well worn locking mechanism stands up to daily use. It securely locks behind a metal plate attached to the existing board that the stair railing is mounted on.

The design fits in with existing metal work and wood flooring in our 1950’s home.

The gate protects a dangerous, highly trafficked staircase in our split level home. By removing 6 self taping screws and filling/adding some black paint, all traces of the gate can be removed once outgrown. The gate would also be perfect for a dog. My cat just goes around the side to access his litter box in the basement.

The gate in action. It opens smoothly and can handle the weight of a swinging child.

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