As I transitioned to full time parenting, one of my goals was to serve hot meals anywhere. I have really knocked this out of the park since.

For larger meals, I use my portable Cobb grill. This wonderful system can cook a turkey with two large handfuls of charcoal. While cooking, you can swap accessories on or off to make stew or beans, bake bread, fry breakfast, grill a steak, or boil water. The sides and bottom of the grill are cool to the touch, so you can move the whole setup when desired. When done, you can quickly extinguish your coals with a bit of water and pack everything up. I’ve had a Cobb for a decade, but some recently released accessories have me using it multiple times per week. I started with simpler meals, but by Thanksgiving was making a turkey dinner with my Cobb and roasting a chicken each Sunday. I’d say that the Cobb Camp Kettle (that also serves as a charcoal starter) and the 3rd party GrillGrate are my MVP accessories. The GrillGrate makes perfect sear marks and cooks meat beautifully (it requires the new wider Cobb charcoal basket to get hot enough). Loaded with accessories, the system costs less than a small kamado grill, but is much more portable and durable in the field.

I take a tiny Jetboil camping stove everywhere I go. One lives in my car (along with a supply of compatible foods/drink). I use this stove to create quick, simple lunches or hot drinks. No matter how fussy my daughter is, she will always eat Mi Goreng noodles.

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