Our first week together was a non-stop adventure. As expected, I found it much easier to parent outside of the house. We maybe pushed a little too hard and were both completely exhausted at the end of each day.

Day 1

I wanted to start our time together with a bang and decided to visit one of the most majestic places in the DC area – Great Falls. We had a nice walk/bike ride and then had a snack by the canal where we met some of the crazy kayakers who navigate the rapids. In the afternoon, we went on a bike ride to visit some parks.

Day 2

We went on another bike ride/playground visit in the morning and then spent the afternoon on the water. This marked my custom child boat seat’s inaugural trip and was also our first time boating without a second adult. Everything went much smoother then expected.

Day 3

We started the third morning with a trip to Manassas where we found a cute train themed playground which we left right in time to see a commuter train stop at the town station. In the afternoon, we went sailing. Unfortunately, the wind was not quite the nice breeze in the forecast. We headed to our favorite little beach off Pohick Bay for some splashing. Next time, we will probably just use the boat in kayak mode to reduce setup complexity.

Day 4

We took our truck in to the “car doctor” for servicing and then completed a 10 mile bike ride to get back home. We were sure to stop at playgrounds on the way for some snacks and R&R. As we approached home and familiar landmarks, she starting crying “Trucky!” becasue she was so sad he wasn’t coming back with us.

Day 5

The National Zoo is now open but requires free tickets reserved in advance. We drove to DC for a trip to the zoo and a visit with Dana, an old freind from art school.

We had a fantastic week together. The following Sunday night, I found myself excited that the next day was a Monday. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt this way.

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