Improving Our Home Workspace

When I was working from home after our offices shut down, I was frustrated by my workspace in the dim basement. I wanted my wife to have a more comfortable space, and promised to help her improve her setup in our guest bedroom. We decided a larger desk was in order. We limited this project to a single Sunday so […]

Off to a Good Start

Our first week together was a non-stop adventure. As expected, I found it much easier to parent outside of the house. We maybe pushed a little too hard and were both completely exhausted at the end of each day. Day 1 I wanted to start our time together with a bang and decided to visit one of the most majestic […]

A Better Child Boat Seat

While the weather is still warm, we want to spend as much time on the water as possible. Neither of my boats are particularly toddler-friendly. Our Hobie Tandem Island is close though. It is simple to set up and launch (especially when using the kayak part alone). I can even avoid using a boat ramp by using a plug-in set […]

A Better Baby Gate

The humble baby gate will be part of your life for many years… much longer than most baby items. It is not an item you will want to cut corners with, especially if it protects a high traffic area. I built this example over 2 years ago and it has stood up to daily use. If I recall, this was […]