Trunk Boy

Ever since I bought my brother’s old Game Boy as a kid, I’ve loved portable gaming systems. Today, I hardly ever have time to play them, but I still love, repair, and collect these retro systems. Several years ago, my side hustle was buying and improving beat up systems. I would mod these with updated tech and sell for a […]

Walnut Desktop Computer

A few years ago, I wanted a high(ish) end computer that would reflect my personal style. I also wanted to be able to easily lug the machine around the house. I built this on a budget of around $1.1K. It is still reasonably fast today. Thanks to the durable construction, it has proved to be a fine child-proof desktop. She […]

The Tinkle Tinker

I plan to parent out of the house while avoiding public indoor spaces as much as I can (due to the spread of the Coronavirus). I am going to need a potty training solution that can handle a bit of abuse. To get started, I looked for at what I had around the house for ideas: The standard toddler potty […]

Measure What Matters

In my 15+ years in tech, it seems that every time a new leader was introduced, the leader would “shake things up” and promote growth by introducing a new business or goal setting framework. Invariably, these frameworks were gleaned from a bestselling book. Many of these frameworks did not stand the test of time. Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) were […]