Ever since I bought my brother’s old Game Boy as a kid, I’ve loved portable gaming systems. Today, I hardly ever have time to play them, but I still love, repair, and collect these retro systems. Several years ago, my side hustle was buying and improving beat up systems. I would mod these with updated tech and sell for a nice profit.

I built “Trunk Boy” at the peak of this hobby to store, showcase, and play my collection of units “too good to sell”.

As a parent now, I value this creation even more since it keeps everything in reach yet out of my daughters grubby hands.

Trunk Boy is filled to the brim with games, accessories, and systems packed in the various drawers.

Trunk Boy had a LCD screen, a stereo and a Game Cube (Player) built in. This allowed me to play any Game Boy series game. I didn’t use this feature often and eventually removed the LCD and Game Cube.

Trunk Boy has a striking appearance when closed. I was heavily inspired by the specialized trunks featured in Louis Vuitton: 100 Legendary Trunks.

My 2.5 year old daughter has yet to figure out how to penetrate this wood and leather fortress.

My goal was to add brass nails around the leather trim. Alas, I will likely never get to this step as this is now an old project

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