3D Printing Saves the Day

I have plenty of old tech in my life and am constantly making repairs. Keeping old cameras and darkroom equipment running is super expensive (if you can even find the parts you need). When I re-discovered 3d printing, my life changed. I could produce plastic parts for pennies that used might cost $50+ each. I was missing many key parts […]

My Side Hustle

I have a passion for 8 and 16 bit devices that goes beyond nostalgia. I can understand what is happening at the hardware level and can fix almost every issue that emerges. As a hobby, I repair and improve old video game systems and computers. Over the last decade, new Game Boy enhancements have rapidly emerged. Wearing my product manager […]

Film Photography

I attended art school during the twilight decade of commercial film photography. Digital cameras were common, but available pro digital cameras like the Nikon D1 could not compete with 35mm film for quality and were used mainly for press images or documentation. Photo classes focused on the traditional darkroom. I might have not been the best photographer in school, but […]

Trunk Boy

Ever since I bought my brother’s old Game Boy as a kid, I’ve loved portable gaming systems. Today, I hardly ever have time to play them, but I still love, repair, and collect these retro systems. Several years ago, my side hustle was buying and improving beat up systems. I would mod these with updated tech and sell for a […]

Walnut Desktop Computer

A few years ago, I wanted a high(ish) end computer that would reflect my personal style. I also wanted to be able to easily lug the machine around the house. I built this on a budget of around $1.1K. It is still reasonably fast today. Thanks to the durable construction, it has proved to be a fine child-proof desktop. She […]